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Features of Jeju Turbot Dish

 Features of Jeju Turbot Dish

- Turbot is chewy without any shy smell. It is favored steamed or hard-boiled in Chinese markets because of its solid meat.
  It is also favored by high-class consumers, including European consumers.

- As raw fish, turbot has a similar texture to blowfish. Its chewy taste is enhanced
  when it is sliced thinly like raw blowfish rather than thicker slices like ounder.

* Turbot has firm flesh. It is more delicious when being matured than when having as raw fish. It is stronger against heat than general flounder.
   hus, it uses heating method including hard-boiling or frying.

 Jeju Turbot, with its solid texture and rich protein,'is the best well-being food.'

- As a low-fat, high-protein food, it is great for dieting.
- Because it is rich in collagen, it enhances immunity and keeps the skin healthy and supple.
- The high vitamin D content promotes child growth and cell viability.
- The high amino acid content prevents osteoporosis and heart disease.

Jeju Turbot is favored as a prestigious well-being food in Chinese markets with its chewy and savory taste and rich nutrition.

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