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Jeju Turbot is

What is Jeju Turbot?

Jeju Turbot, different from the widely known flounder,
is a delicious quality fish from Europe around the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean.


Turbot lives in relatively cold water including the Mediterranean,the Baltic sea and the Northern Atlantic ocean. It is the popular fish farming species in Europe.
In particular, most flounder dish in France is made with turbot.
Turbot has firm flesh and good flavor so that it is very popular. Turbot is more expensive than flounder in China. It is favored by the Chinese as the raw fish slice.

 Unique Turbot Farm in Korea - Jeju

Turbot live in relatively cold water and can be farmed only in Jeju using the bedrock seawater in Korea.


Jeju Underground
rock bed seawater


The proper temperature is 11~16℃ and the allowance is 1~30℃ which is lower
than the water temperature applied for farming in Korea.The temperature range is wide for one year turbot.
Turbot grows quickly and the feed efficiency is very high. Thus, it can replace flatfish. Turbot can be farmed only in Jeju using bedrock water.
Turbot grown up in Jeju is exported to USA, Canada, Singapore and Taiwan.

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