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Healthy Jeju Flounder

Jeju Flounder is that executes safety inspection before delivery.


Grown in the best environment, Jeju Flounder is Safety Laboratory designated as the safety inspection institution
for cultured fishery products strictly manages turbot by frequent safety inspection and element inspection on the fry,
growing and shipping stage. We randomly capture flounders at the farm and run Bio-Assay for 18 hours to
test for the residues of about 20 chemicals,including oxyteracycline and Chloramphenicol.
Any flounder that appears positive in Bio-Assay is precisely inspected through concentration, filtering, separation,
and quantitative testing for 24 hours to check whether hey are safe and to scientifically and
biologically clarify and analyze the cause of positivity.
Delivery is also strictly controlled so that we distribute healthy and safe flounders that have passed the safety inspection required by
Jeju Special Self-governing Province Ordinances.

 Safety Inspections


- Ordinances on Disease and Safety Control of Seafood of Jeju International Free City (June 2008)


 Sanitation Certification

- For exports, Sanitation Certificate is issued by National Fisheries Products Quality Inspection Service.
- For domestic distribution, Jeju Fish Farming Cooperative executes quarantine services stricter than national standards

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