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Superiority of Jeju Flounder


Jeju Flounder is
selected as world-class product.

Selected as world-class product, Jeju Flounderis known for exceptional taste and quality. With the world’s No. 1

productivity and strict safety control,Jeju Flounder has been selected as world-class product and recognized around the world.
It iscurrently exported to about 10 countries around the world, including Japan, USA, Canada, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.


 Selected as world-class product of Korea,  Jeju Flounder is

  grown in Jeju Island’s clean, pure seas.
  It is carefully and strictly tested for safety and
a healthy food rich in collagen.

 Flounders are rich in protein and low in fat and calories.  

Rich in Protein and low in calories, Jeju Flounder is a healthy food good for your diet. Also rich in collagen, it strengthens the immune system and protects cells to leave your skin healthy and vibrant.

It consists of 20.4g protein, 53g calcium, and 0.6~2.0g fatper 100g, and is high in aminoacid to help children grow taller and healthier,
prevent andimprove osteoporosis, strengthen the immune system, and prevent heart disease.

Water      Protein      Minerak ash      Carbohydrate      Fat

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