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Flounder farming for 30 years,

We continuously strive to maintain the best Flounder farming industry in the world.

World Natural Heritage Jeju

Heaven-Blessed Island, Jeju
UNESCO’s World Heritage, Jeju, Korea

Jeju Island is the rst natural heritage of Korea inscribed to the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.
The pristine mystery, natural beauty, and clean environment of the island attract visitors from all over the world for recreation and tour.
The clean and fresh sea of Jeju Island is the very source of life with rich minerals. It is a treasure and a good habitat for a variety of shery products.

Healthy Jeju Garlic Flounder cultured using Clean underground Seawater

Jeju is the most optimum place for warm water sh including ounder because fish can live all year due to its temperate
climate with an average annual temperature of 16℃ and the sea with its wide continental shelf about 100m deep containing
rich dissolved oxygen and maintaining over 12℃ in winter and below 28℃ in summer.

Furthermore, the most optimum temperature for ounder farming around 21℃ can be maintained
all year using the clean and rich bedrock seawater which keeps a constant water temperature of about 18℃.
The natural environment is also optimum for cold water fish.

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