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JeJu Olive Flounder
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2017-03-21 14:55:45



The taste, cleanliness and safety of Jeju Olive Flounder are the secrets of Jeju Olive Flounder which attracts customers from all over the world with its fame as the best quality Jeju Olive Flounder in the world. They are exported to Japan, China, Taiwan, the US, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia.


Jeju Olive Flounder is the world’s best quality, occupies more than 95% of the exports to Canada and the US, 60% of the entire Olive Flounder production of Korea, 50% of the Olive Flounder
market share of Japan, and more than 51% of the entire world Olive Flounder production.

Olive Flounder is full of collagen and taurine and improves your immune system while also protecting cell membranes to make healthy skin. Vitamin D, EPA and DHA in Flounder are great for
children’s physical development and cell revitalization. 
 Also, Jeju Olive Flounder full of flavor and firm flesh is a wonderful ingredient for Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western foods.
You can cook various dishes using Jeju Olive Flounder in a simply way.


Delivering live fish is sensitive and demanding and storage for live fish is essential but it is well worth enough when it comes to enjoying fish in a very fresh condition.


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